Your perfect sofa is out there somewhere!


Here is a little about us and where we've come from.

OUR ORIGINS origins started out like many other ideas… it was born out of frustration and a belief that there was something missing or a gap that needed filling.

In a small town called Chesterfield in the United Kingdom and our founder was looking to buy a sofa for his newly decorated lounge. Like many others in this world of connectivity and the wonder of the internet, he first port of call was to search online.

It didn't take long for his frustration to grow when he found no obvious alternative to visiting every individual retailer website, repeat his search every time and then try to remember who has what!

Come on, he thought, there must be a better way!

In what was a real life "lightbulb moment" he thought… the world needed a website where every sofa from every retailer could be searched for all in one place! And this was the moment the idea for was born.


1) Finding that perfect sofa comes first. It's all about the search and the ease at which our visitors can find their perfect sofa.

2) We will always provide retailers the facility to add their sofas to the website for FREE. This means the biggest selection of sofas for our visitors to search.

3) We FIND SOFAS, we DON'T SELL SOFAS. We want all our visitors to end up on our retailer websites, stores and showrooms to buy their sofa.


From the initial idea, it took over a year to make the website a reality, so we fast-forward to today and the beginnings of our history.

We're making our history right now! So please check back here in the future to see how we're getting on.